At The End Of Your Leash was founded to provide a family-style atmosphere while approaching the training of your dog through obedience, socialization, play, nutrition, and, most of all, relationship.



Jen Freilich
Owner, Head Trainer

With twenty years of experience, there is one thing Jen has always specialized in: creating happy dogs, and happy families. Her talents take you from puppies, to fearful, unruly, and aggressive cases, to helping you create a balanced companion, and develop the relationship you have always dreamed of. Jen’s years of experience have led her to study with some of the world’s top trainers as she has developed her own unique training style that is guaranteed to bring you the success you are looking for. It’s not just about becoming a leader, but for Jen, it’s about teaching you how to lead with love. As one of only a handful around the wold certified to run Pack to Basics™ Socialization classes, she holds the key to unlocking the true potential in your canine companion. 


Brandon Jolley
Head Trainer

Turning your joker into a super dog is what Brandon does best. Being raised with dogs his entire life, and studying with only the best in the country, he has what it takes to turn your situation around and end the canine chaos in your home. Whether you are looking to solve behavior problems, teach your dog how to walk on a loose leash, or reach reliable off-leash levels, Brandon has the skills you are looking for. His calm nature, and endless patience is a true gift when working with even the most challenging cases.