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Let Dogs Be Dogs with Marc Goldberg!


DATE: Saturday & Sunday, May 5th & 6th, 2018
TIME: 9am - 5pm, both days
LOCATION: Jen's place, 18840 Bert Rd., Riverside, Ca 92508
FEE: $299 per person (no dogs at this event)

*To be paid by CHECK ONLY to "At the end of your leash" and mailed to the above location. 

**Lunch and all other meals will be the responsibility of the attendee's, though we will organize lunches together and will do a dinner together. 

***Although this is not a worksop in which dogs are allowed, we will be looking for just a few demo dogs. 
- 2, pups under 6 months
- 4, 6month + rowdy knuckleheads
- 1 or 2 reactive dogs (not aggressive, just looking for reactive.)
- If you happen to have these dogs, please let me know privately.

LET DOGS BE DOGS: the book!

Components of what makes a pack leader:
- Compassionate authority and what that means
- What resources a dog cares about and how to provide them
- space: drag line, crate, tether
- food: feed the calm and how to use treats
- time: how to set the agenda for activity
- toys: how and when to give and when/how to take
- affection: how to measure it out meaningfully

Long Line Demo:
- Koehler origin and how it can be modernized to be more gentle and effective to build focus, loose leash walking and reduce / eliminate leash aggression.

Rescue Dogs:
- How to create a dog that wants to learn
- The less you talk the more they listen

Intro to ForceFree™:
- The method and philosophy
- Equipment & Tools
- Introducing younger dogs to the ecollar using food w/demo
- FF Components: pack walk, pack up, pack rest
- Reliable Recall’s using “Pack-up” - ForceFree E-touch dogs have reliable recalls, even at a distance with distractions! Learn the secrets that give you results!

Go to Bed Basics:
- Handiest skill ever for securing your dog while cleaning up a spill or answering the door.
- Step-by-step demo!

Common Behavior Problems:
- Jumping, excessive barking, marking, counter surfing, food stealing, cat chasing, litter box snacking, digging, fence jumping…. no problem! 

Rest and Play:
- Importance of each
- How to structure your relationship with your dog

Dog Aggression: 
- How to use the ForceFree™ method to desensitize dogs to trigger distractions, starting with distance.

- Make or break behavior
- The gut drives behavior

Handouts: Tether, dragline, straw, 24 hour vow of silence, fear of humans, potty journal, go home journal.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A, book signing and photo ops!


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