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Our Guarantees.

We understand your concern, after all, you are committed to investing in the proper eduction for you and your companion. Considering there are many variables in dog training that are out of our control, such as dog’s age and general health; breeding, whelping and raising; genetic temperament and disposition; client expectation vs canine learning ability along with client compliance and follow through it is nearly impossible for any trainer to guarantee the outcome of any training program. However, we want you to know that we are as committed to helping you and your canine companion as you are. Many of our programs come with our Lifetime Superpowers Support. This added bonus for completing designated training programs includes an additional five free 45-minute private training sessions per year, as needed, for the life of your dog! *Certain conditions apply.

Our lifetime commitment to you and your companion.

We believe that all dogs have the ability to live in the present moment, move beyond past traumas, learn new behaviors and become the very best he or she can be regardless of age, breed or background. For some dogs, it may take more time, effort and guidance. We guarantee the general effectiveness of our training methods, techniques and philosophy in addition to ensuring client satisfaction with our proven professional services.

We understand how important your beloved family companion is to you and offer unlimited support not only during your training program, but for the life of your companion. We are committed to staying with you and offering guidance every step of the way in order to make your experience with training and pet companionship rewarding. With our caring trainers, our clients feel like family knowing their dogs are in loving hands.