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It is hard to believe that it has been over five years ago that Jenifer trained me to train my dog to walk beautifully on leash, stay on command, come on command, obey certain hand signals and be mannerly around other animals.  Her methods and manner with her human clients and canine clients are professional, patient and straight-forward.  I have recommended Jenifer to several friends over the years and all are very happy with the results of learning from her.  I spent quite a bit of time training my first little girl, Lola, and when Ellie came along a year later, Lola let her know what was expected and training Ellie using Jenifer's methods worked beautifully once again.  It is so much fun walking them on an in-tandem style leash! 

— Zelma Beard



Cooley, our 7-year old, 100 lb. male labradoodle is the love our lives.  He is entertaining and a perfect gentleman in our home. But, when we would take him for walks he would pull and tug us. We are not as young as we used to be and he was just too strong for us to take him for the regular walks he so loved and needed.  Then we found Jen and took Cooley to her Superhero Sidekick Group Class.  He passed with his Canine Good Citizen certificate and I can now say he is much better behaved and knows he must behave just as well outdoors as he does indoors.

— Darlena Stevens


For the past 6 weeks my female, 14 month old, 67 lb. Golden Retriever “Charlie” has been taking “Superhero Sidekick Classes” under the watchful eye of Jen Freillch who is the owner and dog trainer of “At the end of your leash”.

Her teaching techniques for dog training have been nothing short of outstanding.  I highly recommend her positive dog training!  From day one she takes an active interest in your special dog.  Her teaching skills go way further than just the basics, indeed she teaches YOU on why your dog behaves the it does and the massive importance of being a true Pack Leader.  

For me I wanted Charlie to be more responsive to my commands and just walk with me without pulling my arm off.  Charlie is now a “new dog” and is my best friend.  By week 3 Charlie was taking long walks next to me with a loose leash and watching my eyes for the next command.  This is nothing short of amazing! From 4 month old puppies to 100 lbs. male dogs that were 3-4 years old, all received that special attention that Jen provided to everyone there.

Charlie has earned the AKC CGC (American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen) that Jen performed at the end of the 6 weeks training and I have promised myself to keep going to her for her other outstanding classes on advanced dog training.

Great job Jen it was truly a pleasure!

— Steve and Charlie


"Before I met Jen, I didn't have a dog, nor had I even seen the Dog Whisperer program. Not only have I learned how to train a dog from Jen, my husband & I received our dog Stubby--the perfect fit for us--& I have become a professional pet sitter with my own small pet sitting business. Jen has shown me how to view owning a dog with the dog's needs in mind, & develop a leadership lifestyle that has carried over into the rest of my life. I had seen other training methods before watching Jen, but never thought it was possible to walk a dog without holding onto the leash. I used to fear the dogs that had the capability of knocking me over; now I not only know how to train any size dog, I have learned how to establish a relationship of respect with dogs that have displayed various aspects of aggression. Since Jen has allowed me the opportunity to shadow her as a dog trainer, I have seen my own passion for working with dogs grow, & enhance the relationships that my clients have with their own dogs. My time with Jen has not only given me a new profession, I have gained a friendship with someone who is like a sister to me...I will never forget how God has blessed my life through her!"

— Linda Hunt


Just wanted to let you know that the last 2 nights in the crate have been A-MA-ZING!!  I cannot believe that this is my dog.  The first night was easy, only woke up once compared to 3-4 times.  Last night she walked right into the crate without me even guiding her.  About a minute of whining, that’s all.  She only woke up once.  She doesn’t mind the tethering at all and actually, the usual whining has toned down a lot.  My stress has also been relieved about 70%.

I got the new food and the treat roll yesterday.  She loves them both.  I am so excited for my upcoming visit with you.  I cannot thank you enough for your help!!

— Cheryl Gentile

Jennifer tamed my once stubborn and wild beast, "Stubby!" She taught me that it is often the owners who need the training, as the dogs are ready and willing to please. Stubby is now well trained, and heels to perfection!

— Ruthann Jones

At the End of Your Leash™ made me realize that there is so much more to owning a pet. It takes much more work than just putting a collar on your dog, feeding it, and cleaning up after it. It takes discipline and exercise, and all of that takes time. We put all of that into our kids, with love of course, why not our pets?

Jenifer was recommended to us from our veterinarian, and I am so glad he did. She has taught me so much, and I would recommend Jenifer to everyone. She really opened my eyes! We are now working on a Conformation title in the show ring with our Old English Mastiff, "Gulphmills Max Power."

The next time your dog takes you for a walk, give Jenifer a call; she can help! Thank You At the End of Your Leash™!

— Cathy Hollingsworth

I have known Jenifer Freilich for several years now. I was first introduced to her as a specialized dog obedience trainer. She helped me work with my dysfunctional pack of dogs, and even attended an animal control hearing to assist in conflict resolution. She was of great support for our family, and did more than we ever expected her to. Jen is always willing to take on new behavioral issues, and I don't think any situation would surprise her. She genuinely loves what she does, and is always ready to tackle new challenges. I am always eager to refer Jen to others who are at the end of their leash!

— Robyn Blair

When I called Jenifer, I was truly "at the end of my leash". I had no experience in dealing with a severely abused and neglected animal. Like many humans, I thought love and affection would conquer even the worst of memories. Jenifer showed me that part of the problem was with the dominance masquerading as cuteness from my little boy-pup, and that the best way to help my little rescue-girl move away from her past was to provide my entire pack with discipline and structure. I'm very happy with the progress my pack has made with Jenifer's guidance. The playful, self-assured furrball wrestling with her little brother bears no resemblance to the terrified creature that entered my home 4 months ago. Thanks Jen! You are awesome!!

— Patti Westmarc

Skittish, scared, shy, anxious, destructive" these are only a few of the words that I would use to describe Macey, our 6-year-old German Shepherd/Chow mix, when I first adopted her. I had always made excuses for her, consoling her, and even trying to protect her from the world. This behavior only made matters worse which we soon found out about when we hired Jenifer. She taught me that I was in charge, and I didn't need to make excuses, I needed to be a good example for her. Macey had fed off all of my insecurities and worries. If I was scared and anxious, then she would be scared and anxious. I had to teach myself to be strong, take charge, and show her who was pack leader. 

We were instructed to walk her daily, feed her as a reward for being a good example of how to follow the pack, and work on only giving her attention/affection when she is in a calm state of mind (no feeding into her anxiety) which was hard at first, but definitely makes a difference in the end. I can now describe Macey as being confident, obedient, responsive, loving, and calm. I thank Jenifer for helping me become who I needed to be in order to teach my dog.

— Doug Behringer & Macey

I want to express my appreciation to Jen and her "crew". I have a 4 year old flat coat retriever, Ellie, that was a rescue that was very fearful of other dogs. I had taken Ellie through other training classes from a big pet store for her basic obedience but she was so fearful of other dogs that she would shut down during class. I have not seen Ellie play with any other dog. I tried taking her to a dog park where she was with her classmates from her training class but she would only stay by my side and couldn't wait to leave the park. I was so concerned about Ellie that I contacting Cesar Millan's website and was referred to Jen Freilich. I began the social groups with Ellie and was nervous that I was taking her to socialize with dogs that were aggressive. But I soon realized that Jen's methods provided calmness and a sense of security to all the dogs at the social groups. I took Jen's obedience class with Ellie and realized that I needed as much training as Ellie needed. I continue to attend the maintenance classes and the socials with Ellie who continues to become more comfortable with the other dogs.Jen has also helped me to be calm and to help Ellie to be a better dog "everyday in every way".

— Vicky Smith

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