See what our clients are saying. Or what their dogs are telling them to say.

Jennifer tamed my once stubborn and wild beast, “Stubby!” She taught me that it is often the owners who need the training, as the dogs are ready and willing to please. Stubby is now well trained, and heels to perfection!
— Ruthann Jones
When I called Jenifer, I was truly “at the end of my leash”. I had no experience in dealing with a severely abused and neglected animal. Like many humans, I thought love and affection would conquer even the worst of memories. Jenifer showed me that part of the problem was with the dominance masquerading as cuteness from my little boy-pup, and that the best way to help my little rescue-girl move away from her past was to provide my entire pack with discipline and structure. I’m very happy with the progress my pack has made with Jenifer’s guidance. The playful, self-assured furrball wrestling with her little brother bears no resemblance to the terrified creature that entered my home 4 months ago.

Thanks Jen! You are awesome!!!
— Patti Westmarc
Skittish, scared, shy, anxious, destructive” these are only a few of the words that I would use to describe Macey, our 6-year-old German Shepherd/Chow mix, when I first adopted her. I had always made excuses for her, consoling her, and even trying to protect her from the world. This behavior only made matters worse which we soon found out about when we hired Jenifer. She taught me that I was in charge, and I didn’t need to make excuses, I needed to be a good example for her. Macey had fed off all of my insecurities and worries. If I was scared and anxious, then she would be scared and anxious. I had to teach myself to be strong, take charge, and show her who was pack leader.

We were instructed to walk her daily, feed her as a reward for being a good example of how to follow the pack, and work on only giving her attention/affection when she is in a calm state of mind (no feeding into her anxiety) which was hard at first, but definitely makes a difference in the end. I can now describe Macey as being confident, obedient, responsive, loving, and calm. I thank Jenifer for helping me become who I needed to be in order to teach my dog.
— Doug Behringer & Macey
At the End of Your Leash™ made me realize that there is so much more to owning a pet. It takes much more work than just putting a collar on your dog, feeding it, and cleaning up after it. It takes discipline and exercise, and all of that takes time. We put all of that into our kids, with love of course, why not our pets?

Jenifer was recommended to us from our veterinarian, and I am so glad he did. She has taught me so much, and I would recommend Jenifer to everyone. She really opened my eyes! We are now working on a Conformation title in the show ring with our Old English Mastiff, “Gulphmills Max Power.”

The next time your dog takes you for a walk, give Jenifer a call; she can help! Thank You At the End of Your Leash™!
— Cathy Hollingsworth
I adopted a beautiful Golden Retriever mix from a rescue shelter around two years ago. It was obvious this dog had been mistreated and had been seriously abused/beaten. He was a handful when I got him, but I could tell he liked me. The shelter told me I was the only one he warmed up to and the only one he cuddled up to. He even offered me his belly to rub. The adoption agent said she’d taken him on her various showings and said he didn’t even let her get that close to him, let alone others. (I figured they told everyone that so the dogs would get adopted, but later I realized she was telling me the truth.)

Copperfield was aggressive towards everyone but me and I found on walks he was seriously aggressive towards other dogs. I contacted Jen about a week after I brought him home. I told her I’d adopted Satin’s dog! Now, just so you know, I’m no stranger to dog training. I’ve won the top dog trainer in the past when I’ve trained my previous dogs, but nothing I tried could get my new dog, Copperfield to settle down or behave decently.

Jen came immediately and started me on my first week of lessons. I saw improvements right away. We continued working on him and I followed her lessons. I now have one of the best-behaved dogs in Southern California. Everyone says what a delightful dog he is, and I don’t worry about him around the cat, or a new kitten, or around houseguests like I used to. He used to take a nip at anyone that entered the house...including my roommate!
— Joycee Beck
I have known Jenifer Freilich for several years now. I was first introduced to her as a specialized dog obedience trainer. She helped me work with my dysfunctional pack of dogs, and even attended an animal control hearing to assist in conflict resolution. She was of great support for our family, and did more than we ever expected her to. Jen is always willing to take on new behavioral issues, and I don’t think any situation would surprise her. She genuinely loves what she does, and is always ready to tackle new challenges. I am always eager to refer Jen to others who are at the end of their leash!
— Robyn Blair
Nine months ago I picked up Paisley - she was only 8 weeks old - and she was also going to be a very large dog. So I decided right away that she needed to be properly trained, and in hopes of becoming a therapy dog in the future.... [MORE] So, my first step was looking for a good trainer. I took a look on google and saw some very good things being said about Jen and At The End of Your Leash. I feel fortunate that they were the first ones that I picked, because it has turned out to be the best decision I made in a long time! They came to my house to meet Paisley and my four other pups - which are all long hair chihuahuas! Very, very, small compared to Paisley. When Jen and Brandon walked up to the door they saw and heard the jumping-jacks and barkers. Jen right away took control and within a very few minutes had them all sitting there outside all quiet! Unbelievable! So right away I knew these 2 people were the answer! Training Paisley was somewhat easy as she was eager to learn and play very quickly. It took me a lot longer so I have to say that Brandon with all his expertise was able to even train me well! I still lag quite a bit but Paisley is doing wonderful. She’s on her way to being a therapy dog for the mentally impaired and should start that in a few weeks. She will be going to clinics and meeting children and adults who will enjoy talking to, petting, and hugging Paisley. They love to hug her being a large fuzzy dog. She’s very lovable, and since she’s trained so well, she’s very controllable.
All I can say about At the End of Your Leash is that it’s a great place to be. They’re all kind, thoughtful, and very very good trainers with any breed of dog.
Thank You Jen and Brandon for a super job! The past 8 months have been fun, and just thank you so much for all the training and all the Saturdays when we get together for the maintenance and socialization. This is our favorite!
BTW, Brandon and his dog is so beautiful to watch doing the exercises. I just love the precision!
— Pat
I want to express my appreciation to Jen and her “crew”. I have a 4 year old flat coat retriever, Ellie, that was a rescue that was very fearful of other dogs. I had taken Ellie through other training classes from a big pet store for her basic obedience but she was so fearful of other dogs that she would shut down during class. I have not seen Ellie play with any other dog. I tried taking her to a dog park where she was with her classmates from her training class but she would only stay by my side and couldn’t wait to leave the park. I was so concerned about Ellie that I contacting Cesar Millan’s website and was referred to Jen Freilich. I began the social groups with Ellie and was nervous that I was taking her to socialize with dogs that were aggressive. But I soon realized that Jen’s methods provided calmness and a sense of security to all the dogs at the social groups. I took Jen’s obedience class with Ellie and realized that I needed as much training as Ellie needed. I continue to attend the maintenance classes and the socials with Ellie who continues to become more comfortable with the other dogs.Jen has also helped me to be calm and to help Ellie to be a better dog “everyday in every way”.
— Vicky Smith
A few years ago we brought our furry baby, Pip, to ATEOYL.
We were literally at the end of our rope.
Our little Pip, a Terrier was human and dog aggressive.
For such a little dog, Pip was difficult on walks. He pulled and controlled the walks. He controlled the house!
We were embarrassed and frustrated.
We felt like the neighbors with THAT dog.
I learned from Jen, that not providing rules and boundaries for Pip and not providing daily walks was creating a nervous and over the top anxious Terrier.
I also learned the importance of proper nutrition for Pip.
I am grateful for the education and tools my family received from
Jen at ATEOYL.
— Debora Mickelson

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